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Vaadin Newsletter December 2016

Vaadin Spring 1.1 released

Vaadin Spring 1.1 is out

A new version of Vaadin Spring is released! The version 1.1 brings major enhancements for Navigator and View handling, which shaves away a lot of boilerplate code from non-trivial applications that have multiple views. If you’re a Spring user, try it out now.

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Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3 released

Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3 released

Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3 has been released with even better Excel format support. Now supporting the SUBTOTAL function and named ranges in your Excel files. Conditional formatting got a huge performance boost as well. Now’s the time to move those excel sheets to the web!

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Vaadin Framework 8.0 beta is out

Vaadin Framework 8.0 is going to be a huge step forward taking advantage of the greatest and latest Java features and it is now in beta. We have worked hard to make some of the core concepts in Vaadin Framework faster, simpler and safer to use, but now we need your help to test it before the final version comes out.
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Vaadin raises 5M€ from Verdane Capital

Vaadin raises its second investment round in 2016 as Verdane Capital IX invests over 5M€ in Vaadin. The investment will be used for building more amazing developer tools and components.
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Vaadin moves to GitHub

As Vaadin Framework has now also moved to GitHub, the transfer to a fully GitHub based workflow is finally complete. In short we now use GitHub for everything and Trac and Gerrit are not used anymore. This makes contributing the the open source projects tremendously simpler.
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Vaadin Success Story - Managing accounting quicker and simpler

The latest addition to Vaadin Success Stories is Pymlo Cloud Accounting, which offers a multilingual financial solution to the South-East Asian market. The Pymlo application was written with Vaadin Framework, and the developers embraced Vaadin Charts and Vaadin Designer to create a beautiful and secure UI. “It was a truly wise choice that we adopted Vaadin.” Kaniz Lin, the CEO of Pymlo says.
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Jan 9th - 13th Turku, Finland  
Jan 16th - 20th San Jose, CA, US
Jan 23rd - 25th Berlin, Germany (Auf Deutsch) 
Mar 13th - 17th Istanbul, Turkey 

Mar 27th - 31st Berlin, Germany 
Apr 3rd - 7th Krakow, Poland  
Apr 24th - 28th Frankfurt, Germany   
May 15th - 19th Tallinn, Estonia   

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