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Going beyond the Horizon

Island hopping on a sailing boat is the ultimate freedom. You look for a place to anchor for the night, make a fire to cook supper, and share stories with your mates until the last of the flames fade. While shores earlier defined your limits, you have now gone further by using only the basic elements of wind and water, combined with the robust and tried technology of sails. This is the beauty of simplicity.


Filter based Spring Security in Vaadin applications

Are you trying to figure out how to add a Vaadin UI to your existing Spring application? Authorization and authentication are topics that often pop up among new Vaadin Spring users. The filter based Spring Security library and Vaadin work well together, but there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid.

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Announcing Vaadin Core Elements 1.0

The first stable release of Vaadin Core Elements was released last week. Vaadin Core Elements are a set of business grade Web Components that can be used together with almost any front end framework. They are designed to complement the Polymer Web Component library and can be used together to build Progressive Business Web Applications.

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Tips from the Vaadin Support team!

The Vaadin Support team resolves a variety of different tasks and issues all the time. Some issues tend to repeat themselves, though. There are different support requests from different customers but with the same root cause. The Vaadin Support team shares some of these root causes with a few picks for all you Vaadin Framework developers out there.
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Win a trip to Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016 in Amsterdam

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) will change how mobile apps are consumed. Now is the time to jump on this new trend and learn how to build them. The best way to learn is by doing and the best way to become an expert is to meet the people behind the technology.
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Dynamic HTML templates with CustomLayout and Freemarker

Vaadin CustomLayout is a tool where you can use HTML based templates to layout your Vaadin components. Typically you’ll pass a static template from your web app for it, but you can easily connect it with a templating engine, like Freemarker or Velocity, and gain some exciting new features for it.
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Vaadin Summer School

Each year hundreds of people take part in a Vaadin training somewhere in the world and just like last year, we’re making it even easier for you to join one of the online trainings this summer. An online training is just like any other training, with a dedicated coach that helps you to complete your assignments – but now at a 20% discount for the summer.
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Vaadin is recruiting

We are looking for you to join our team in Germany, Finland and the US. Current open positions include: Java Developers, Front-End Developers, UX Designers, Vaadin Expert, Community Manager and Inside Sales Representative. Join our group of over 120 developers around the world!
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Vaadin Trainings 
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Jul 18 - 22 Online US 
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